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When my sister Jane and I were preteens, our parents took us to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.     I don’t remember a lot, I do remember horses, and trapeze acts, but mostly what I remember is the amazing wild animal tamer, Gunther Gebel-Williams.   He had long blond hair and a bare chest, and he didn’t use whips and chairs, he coaxed the animals into place.   Gunther had incredible showmanship and a gentle way with his animals, you could see he loved them.   Being preteen girls, we were smitten.

So when our artist trading card group decided to do a book exchange with the theme Circus, my mind went to Gunther.   In researching the mesmerizing Mr. Williams, I found out that he was only 5’4″ tall, which probably made him look all the more brave in the ring with lions and tigers.

circus page one

This is the front of my page, I hand carved the stamps on Gunther and the animals.

circus page one back

This is the back of the page, the images come from some antique rubber stamps I have in my collection.

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