Happy belated towel day


Last night I went out to dinner with my mom and my sister Jane, as I am likely to do on Tuesday evenings.   We chose Bahama Breeze, known for their wonderful mojitos.     Once there, we were quickly approached by our animated waiter, Peter.   If you’ve been to Bahama Breeze, you already know you are likely to get animated waitstaff with lots of conversation encouraging appetizers and drinks.   Peter took our drink order, went away, and in a timely matter returned with our mojitos.   I was focused on my drink, but my much more observant sister notice as he walked away that Peter had a towel draped over his shoulder.   She said “Our waiter has a towel, be prepared for the planet to be demolished.”   She was referring to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (1952-2001), where the prepared   intergalactic hitchhiker always carries a towel.   I immediately remembered that I had read, via a friend on facebook, that towel day was coming up.   Towel day is a day that Douglas Adams   fans carry around a towel in homage to the creator of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the trilogy that is now six books).   Jane didn’t think that would have anything to do with why our waiter was carrying the towel, but I was pretty sure towel day was upon us, while Jane and I were hashing this out my mother shouts to the waiter “Hey, come here!   What’s with the towel?”   Well, Peter took a deep breath, so I knew it would be a big explanation, I jumped in and asked “Is it towel day?”   That is exactly why Peter was carrying a towel, and he was delighted that someone understood.   Peter explained that in sixth grade he gave a book report on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy wearing a robe and sipping tea so as to look as much like the main character, Arthur Dent, as a sixth grader could look.   Peter is more obsessed with HHGTTG than Jane, I believe.   Anyway, come May 25, 2011, Jane and I will have towels draped around our necks.   I hope you had a happy towel day, I certainly did.

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