Cemetery days

If you read Lynn’s blog, you already know we went to a couple of graveyards to make some rubbings.   Lynn’s rubbings turned out wonderful, she is patient and careful and neat.   Mine, I’m not showing you.

What Lynn didn’t tell you is I have a key to a local cemetery, and I wanted to make sure it worked before we went out, so I went to the cemetery a day before our date.   It worked, but I found a dead cat toward the back of the cemetery.   I decided to bring a shovel with me the next day so I could give the poor creature a proper burial someplace along the edge of the cemetery.   I didn’t think about that while I was dressing the next morning, I was just thinking it was warm and I needed to wear a clean t-shirt.     This is how I found myself wearing a t-shirt with a skull on it, carrying a shovel into an old cemetery.   I might have looked a little creepy, the blue hair probably didn’t help.   If anyone had asked, I’d would have been in trouble, for someone had already removed the cat.   Honest, I have no desire to dig up bodies.

I did take a few pictures of the stones:winged hourglass stone

hand holding stone

open hands stone

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