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Spitting Cobra

Surely, the spitting cobra is deadly.   But Shirley, this spitting cobra, just wants to be left alone.   She can spit venom in her victim’s face, even as far as 10 feet.   The venom will blind you, so watch where you step.   Shirley just wants to sleep all day, and wakes only to slither around looking for small mammals (or as she calls them-food) at night.   We’ll tip toe away and let her be.

brook trout

I think Ambrose is a particularly pretty brook trout, he has very good coloring.   Ambrose lives in a very nice quick moving stream, he likes eating insects and worms, with an occasional small fish.   He will get brighter when he’s ready to spawn.   Ambrose is 14 inches long, and kind of a loner among his kind.   He has until winter to find a girlfriend, he will make some girl trout very happy, if she takes the time to get to know him.


This is a blackbuck antelope, blackbucks are near threatened.   Robbie is doing quite well, he’s living in a preserve in India.   Blackbuck’s aren’t real large, they find their safety in numbers.   Robbie only weighs 38 pounds.   Robbie and his friends do not remember the huge herds of years ago, they are a herd of 18.   They have a defense I can relate to, they run at the slightest concern.   They can leap 20 feet, and reach speeds of 50 mph.   Robbie is very proud of his twisted horns.   You would be too if you had them.

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