New watercolor set!

You might wonder why I do watercolors.   Then again, you might not, but I’m telling you anyway.   Many years ago, Jane came back from Europe with a present for me, a small portable set of watercolors,   approx. 3.5″ x 5.5″.   I then bought some watercolor paper in postcard size and decided to send hand painted watercolor postcards instead of commercial post cards, and that’s pretty much what I’ve done ever since.   It wasn’t an interest (or talent) in watercolors, it was carrying around the cute little set that got me going.

old sets

I bring this up because since then I’ve been through several sets, and I’ve just given up on these two and got a new one.

closed new set

I do not understand why they chose to name the set after Van Gogh, he’s not really known for watercolors.

new open set

The brush comes in two sections so you can put the bristle end into the other side and fit it in the top of the set.   It has every thing you need, except a cup of water.   Cool, no?

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  1. Yes, I have messed with watercolors while on vacation because they are so portable. I think your watercolor habit is wonderful: a daily creative routine, and a happy event to the people who receive your postcards.

  2. I wondered how you got started in watercolors, thanks for sharing the story!

    The set looks really cool, and as someone who has been on the receiving end of your watercolor cards, they are a JOY to receive and always appreciated!

    Daily art: A habit I need to get into!

  3. I love your new watercolor set. I think your idea of sending watercolors verses commercial postcards is, of course, brilliant.

    There is a Dutch cheese that I buy often … it says “Van Gogh” on it. I am thinking that he must have had many skills that most of us are unaware of. How versatile to be able to paint with oils, make water color sets and make cheese … he was a pretty clever guy.

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