New watercolor set!

You might wonder why I do watercolors.   Then again, you might not, but I’m telling you anyway.   Many years ago, Jane came back from Europe with a present for me, a small portable set of watercolors,   approx. 3.5″ x 5.5″.   I then bought some watercolor paper in postcard size and decided to send hand painted watercolor postcards instead of commercial post cards, and that’s pretty much what I’ve done ever since.   It wasn’t an interest (or talent) in watercolors, it was carrying around the cute little set that got me going.

old sets

I bring this up because since then I’ve been through several sets, and I’ve just given up on these two and got a new one.

closed new set

I do not understand why they chose to name the set after Van Gogh, he’s not really known for watercolors.

new open set

The brush comes in two sections so you can put the bristle end into the other side and fit it in the top of the set.   It has every thing you need, except a cup of water.   Cool, no?

February blues

bike in snow

This bike looks anxious for spring, as am I.   No matter how mild the winter, how little snow I’ve had to shovel, I can’t help getting really tired of winter by mid February.   Once January is done, February is only 28 day, how hard can that be?   Certainly I can manage that.   But about now, this short month seems endless, and I long to take a walk without the bulky coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

So, to get through this, it is important to find things that are interesting.   I’ve been working on several art projects, going out to see music, and ask myself profound questions, like, what bird left these prints, and why was someone walking him by the railroad tracks?

snow printsmore snow prints

Lovely weekend

Saturday, Lynn and I did a little gallery hopping.   The first gallery we hopped to was the Northville Art House, where we each have two pieces currently on display.

blog skulls two

These are my voodoo skulls.   There’s a lot of cool stuff on display, see it if you can.

Lynn and I hit two other galleries, we saw a lot of inspirational work.

Saturday night Mark and I went to the Ark to see Girlyman, a quirky trio (well, no longer a trio, they added a rockin’ drummer) with phenomenal harmonies.   Take a listen to “Easy Bake Ovens” if you get a chance.

Then Sunday, the day for love, Mark and I went to a party at our friends, Janice and Marko’s.   We planned for a couple of hours but spent longer, J & M have an amazing house, amazing friends, and amazing food, needless to say, an amazing time was had.

This took us closer to the east side, so we wound up at Dylan’s Raw Bar, where we ate lovely sushi and celebrated an early Mardi Gras.   The joint was absolutely rockin’ with a band headed by Paul Carey and RJ   Spangler.   Beads were flying, people were dancing between the tables, and we all marched out with the saints.   Great weekend.   Go see some art and music first chance ya get!