Mom's bathroom

Perhaps you will recall some time ago I told you about Mark installing a new shower and tub surround at my mother’s house.   If you’ve forgotten this great achievement, look here.   Well, now that it has a nice shower, mom wanted the rest of the room to look good, too.   Part of my Christmas present to her was to help her paint it, but it wasn’t much of a present, she did 90% of the work.   First, we removed the wallpaper.   That was a pain in the, well, in a lot of body parts.   wallpaper

This is the lovely wallpaper, clinging to the wall for its life.


This is the soffit above the bathtub, after much work we got most of the paper off.

bttrfly soffit

And this is the same soffit, with paint and a new shower curtain.   Didn’t mom do a great job designing and stenciling the butterflies?!!

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  1. Very nice! Um…I know this is too late for this time…but I have a small steamer you are welcome to use whenever you want. Its just a home one but I’ve used it in a few rooms here and I find it far easier then scraping and spraying those chemicals all over.

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