Where I stood…

transformer feet

At the Costick Center in Farmington Hills for the Antique Radio Swap Meet!


We sold parts, including knobs.

Ian gives certificates

After the swap meet there was a board meeting.   Ian Shackleford, who recently became an Eagle Scout,   took the opportunity to give pins and certificates in appreciation for those that mentored him.   Mike Dale, John Reinicke, and Mark were all honored.   It was very cool, I know it meant a lot to Mike, John and Mark.   It isn’t easy to find young people interested in fixing antique radios.

Mom's bathroom

Perhaps you will recall some time ago I told you about Mark installing a new shower and tub surround at my mother’s house.   If you’ve forgotten this great achievement, look here.   Well, now that it has a nice shower, mom wanted the rest of the room to look good, too.   Part of my Christmas present to her was to help her paint it, but it wasn’t much of a present, she did 90% of the work.   First, we removed the wallpaper.   That was a pain in the, well, in a lot of body parts.   wallpaper

This is the lovely wallpaper, clinging to the wall for its life.


This is the soffit above the bathtub, after much work we got most of the paper off.

bttrfly soffit

And this is the same soffit, with paint and a new shower curtain.   Didn’t mom do a great job designing and stenciling the butterflies?!!

Where I stood…


It’s all about water.   Hard water.


That’s what brought out the throngs of people.

sculpture 1

Beautiful water, in beautiful shapes.

ice sculpture 2

It’s the Plymouth Ice Festival this weekend!!

jim ice queen

Jim brought along his beautiful wife, the Ice Queen.

ov tnt ice qun

Everyone wanted their picture with the Ice Queen, I’ve never seen a celebrity more photographed!


Today the water is falling from the sky, in the form of rain.   Fortunately, one artist was working in a medium more permanent than ice.

mark vince

I had a couple of good looking men to keep me warm.

We had lot of fun, then Mark and I headed over to “The Station” aka Station 885 restaurant, to see the world’s largest snow cone.

mark ton snowcone

Tony helped build it, and Mark helped eat it.

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Where I stood…

bridge ffet

On a bridge at Maybury State Park, having a lovely walk.

maybury sign

I didn’t ride horses, or snowshoe, or cross country ski.   I just wandered around, reminding myself that winter really is beautiful, and snow can be invigorating.

fallen tree

I like the tree fallen across the path.


A little river runs through the park, partly frozen over.

snow on bridge

What I really came to see was the bridge.   Once I got to it, I could see the designs Mark and I left there last week.

happy 2010

Mark made a “Happy 2010” sign.


I made a spiral.   Some other artist came along and decided it needed the tree stump.


That’s the bridge.   It was a lovely walk, I felt good being in the sunshine.   Be very careful you get enough sun this time of year.

Galleries and music

Last night was the Two Twelve Art Center opening for the “Earth” show, a wonderful show where artists took images from a book and reinterpreted them.

gallery group

To say it was well attended is an understatement.   For a while you couldn’t move or see the work.     Lovely to have a violinist, along with sangria and munchies.


It did clear out enough that I got a great shot of Lynn, with Sidney and Stephanie behind her.

water works

My two pieces were in the show, I’m proud to be hanging with such amazing artwork.   It was wonderful to see how each artist translated each image.     Kat did an amazing job putting this show together.

Afterwords I grabbed my peeps and we went to Creekside in Ann Arbor to get some dinner and listen to Danny James (aka Danny Cash) play some Country.

greg and me

I met up with my buddy Greg, who was there with Mark.

small dan

Mark also got a few cool pics of Danny preforming.   What a fun night!