Oh fudge!!

First it started with mom not making her holiday fudge anymore.   A few years ago I decided I would take over the tradition, and I asked mom for the old family recipe.   Her reply, “I don’t have it!”   Well who does?   “Leann, it’s on the side of the Hershey’s cocoa box!”   Hmmm, so much for long standing family traditions learned at your mother’s elbow.   The recipe isn’t on the box anymore, but it is on the internet.   I’ve made it a few times, and wanted to do it again this year.

First batch didn’t harden up quite right, so I tried again.   I read up on problem with fudge on the internet.   I measured carefully.   I boiled without stirring.


I didn’t add butter too early.   I watched the temperature carefully.


Alas, the second batch was soup.   I gave up.   I went for the old family toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe.


What!?   That’s not a family recipe either!?!

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  1. hi leann!
    oh how cute! it just wasn’t a fudgy day. the cookies look perfect!

    fred said he will take both batches of your fudge and any cookies you can send! xoxoxoxo

  2. Its a family recipe if your last name is “Toll House.” A lot of “family” recipes start out as things they got from the sides of boxes and then it gets made for so long it becomes a family tradition. Still yummy!

  3. *laughs* That sounds familiar. I inherited the holiday Jello bowls when my grandmother passed away not too long ago and found out the recipe she used to make was the same as the one on the box the first time I went to make it.

    Maybe fudge soup would be a good tradition to start? Chocolate- mmmm.

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