There's a tree in the house!

treeYes, we got it, and yes, we paid for it.   I love having a real tree in the house, I love the smell of pine in the morning.

Mark and I tend to get our tree late, as we don’t get it decorated until after Christmas.   We’re very careful now to get one before they are all gone.   We learned our lesson.   About five or six years ago we miscalculated, and went out to buy our tree on the evening of the 23rd, Christmas eve eve.   All the tree lots were gone.   Every one of them.   We drove for miles, with no luck at all.   We needed a tree for our party, so our guests could decorate it.   Finally, we found a lot with two trees on it.   The only problem, they were closed.   We really needed a tree.

When I was a kid, I stole a pack of gum from the drug store just to see if I could.   The tree was my second crime of larceny, also a crime of passion.   I needed a tree in my house.   Mark and looked around, picked up that tree, and heaved it in the van.

I’m proud to say all my trees before and since have been legal trees.   I learned my lesson.   This is a sincere, good tree, bought at the tree lot at the beautiful Wilcox House downtown.

The Wilcox House has a couple of rooms decorated for Christmas, if you get a chance, pay your $5 and look inside, it’s pretty and it will help save the house.

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