Where I stood…

artist feet

At the Berkley Knights of Columbus hall, with my friends.   OK, so I lied when I said that last post would be the last one on the artists’ bazaar.   Maybe this will be the last one.

It was such a great day, I actually made a little profit (though there is this possibility I don’t have my finger on the pulse of public desires) and I had a wonderful time hanging with the most creative people I know.   Here are a few of them, the ones who smiled for the camera.

art fair kat

Kat sold purses, pillows, and jewelry.

art fair kate

Kate playing with her purses, aprons, Oma dolls and jellyfish.   I LOVE the jellyfish!

art fair lynn

Lynn, the queen of felt bowls and little nests you can hang around your neck.

art fair mary

The ever resourceful Mary invented little tiny pint ice cream bustiers that keep you fingers from freezing.

art fair steph

Stephanie is protecting us with soul guardians.

art fair janice

Janice with her placemats and jewels.

choir of angels

A choir of angels sang for the crowd, beautiful Christmas hymns.   They wouldn’t do Inna Godda Davida or Smoke on the Water for me, though.

Thank you Sidney, queen of the art fairs!

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