More New York City

On Tuesday Mark, Tim and I went to the Guggenheim Museum.   They were having a Kandinsky show. I confess, Kandinsky still leaves me a little cold, even after reading up on him and seeing so many of his paintings hung in the beautiful spiraling galleries. I do love walking through the Guggenheim, though.   We rode the elevator to the top and walked down, so we went through Kandinsky’s life backwards.   Someone once was quoted as saying (I wish I could remember who) that they would sooner push their grandmother down the Guggenheim on roller skates.   I think a closed Guggenheim and roller skates would be a blast!

On Wednesday, Mark wasn’t feeling up to par, a bit of a head cold, so we took it very easy, walked a few streets, and hung out in parks.

I just love these windows.

Flatiron building, very efficient use of space.

Subway stop.   Subways are easy.   All you need is a native New Yorker with a loaded metro card and a sense of direction, and you can go anywhere!

This is a New York squirrel.   He is eating grapes.   We might have given him the grapes.   We gave him quite a few, I hope they didn’t give him gas.

Mark posing in front of the fountain at Washington Square.

Thursday we said goodbye to Tim and New York City, and came home.