The Old Village Halloween Party!

The Old Village Halloween Party was Sunday, and there were lots of costumed little people, this is just a sampling.

pink princess

There were pink princesses,

gold princess

gold princesses,

flower head

flower princesses,

dragon princess

and my favorite, a princess that decided to forgo the prince and befriend the dragon.

pirate two

There were pirates


and heroes


Of all kinds.


There were little bears,

brown bear

wonderful little bears,

butterfly baby

a very little butterfly,


and a very new pirate.

bull dog

Sitting Bull Dog won the pet costume contest…


but this guy should have, the owner assured me it was really a beagle!

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  1. Thanks for sharing – oh I so miss this celebration by kids – the school parades and parties were my favorite -kids get such a kick out of dressing up and becoming something or someone else. Oh – and I also miss the Trick or Treat frenzy on the front sidewalk…not! Think the Beagle should have won, also.

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