Where I stood…

pretty feet

In my new shoes!     Of course they didn’t look like this when I bought them.

plain shoes

They looked like this!   I have been having problems with my feet, and I knew my walking shoes had no padding left and pinched my toes, so I thought new shoes was a good place to start.   I was also pretty sure I would have to spend some real money on them, something that pains me greatly.   I walked into Running Fit, and the sales lady was like no other sales lady I’ve dealt with.   I told her my problems, and she told me how this was gonna work.   I was to take off my shoes and roll up my jeans so she could watch me walk, then she would measure my feet and study the bottoms of my shoe for the wear pattern,   then I would try on shoes.   It turns out I’m a half size to a full size bigger than the shoe I’ve been wearing.   I suppose that alone should help quite a bit.   Then the lady pulled out six pairs of shoes and said “This is how it’s going to work.   You put on two shoes from two different pairs, walk around the store, and one is the winner, and one is the loser.   The loser goes back in the box.   Then we test the winner against another shoe.”   Well, we went on like this through all the shoes and bought the most comfortable pair.   She wouldn’t talk style or price at all.   We just talked comfort.   I’ve never bought anything like that before.   When Mark told her I wanted shoes with skulls on them, she replied “That’s what markers are for.”   So that’s what I did, I decorated the expensive ugly shoes (I think all running shoes are kinda ugly, nothing against this particular brand) with markers.   Oh, and the googly-eyes were the saleslady’s idea!

pretty shoes

Yes, they are helping a lot!!

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  1. So creative! That shoe lady knows her business, wish more of them were like her and took the time with you especially since you end up paying so much for them. Don’t feel bad, I found out several years ago, my foots desired a whole size bigger…I look like Bigfoot, but I refused to be changed because of it!

  2. Oh, I love the googly eyes! *laughs* A pair of eyes on my shoes might help keep me from tripping over things. I’m also in the “need new shoes” club but it’s hard to find a place that will actually measure your feet to see what size you need and have that size in stock.

  3. I have been to Running Fit and had a similiar experience, good old fashioned customer service. And I am loving your marker customization, don’t be surpirsed if I turn up with my own markered shoes.

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