New York City

This is Tim, our host in New York.

This is Mark, contemplating Tim’s brain.

The first night we were there Tim took us on a walk around town.     We visit the High Line.   The High Line was an elevated rail for freight trains.   The freight trains coming into the city in the ’30’s were very dangerous, killing people in the warehouse district, so the city built a raised rail line to bring in freight.   This line was abandon in the ’80’s, and left to go to its natural state.   When it looked like it would be demolished, a group organized to save it, and now it’s being made into a wonderful park area, with interesting lighting, lots of places to sit and relax, and lots of sustainable landscape inspired by the vegetation that was growing there.

Mark and Tim, on the High Line, above the clamor of New York.

If you recognize this logo, you are probably a Project Runway fan.   While Tim was at work, Mark and I wandered the garment and bead districts, and I got to visit Mood, the fabric store they use on the reality show, Project Runway.   I found so many wonderful fabrics to paw through, it was a little bit of heaven on a third floor.   Mark was disappointed, he didn’t understand why they would carry all that fabric for clothes and home decor when they could be carrying grille cloth for antique radios!

This is a tired me, starting up the steps to Tim’s place.   There are a lot of steps!

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  1. I have it on good authority that Leann & Mark are the perfect house guests. They even roll themselves up in the morning. Good, fun folks to have in your house. If they knock on your door, let them in and buy Leann a dark beer and Mark a Coke Zero.

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