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A duiker is a small antelope.   This is a small duiker.   He is only a foot tall, and still a boy.   He lives in South Africa, his name is Paul.   Paul, like most male duikers, is quite quarrelsome.   If you tell him the sky is blue, he will argue that it’s pink.   Their quarrelsome nature is why duikers live in small families or alone.   Paul still lives with his mother, but his mother is quite anxious to get him on his own.   She is tired of the arguing and the pranks.   Twice now she has run away while he was sleeping, but so far he always finds her.   Paul is that one son that won’t move out of the basement.

Meet Carl, the cunning red fox.   Carl is very proud of his tail.   He thinks the white tip on his tail is the cat’s pajamas.   He is very social, but he has been known to bore his friends bragging about his tail.   The only time he is not talking about his tail is when he is eating rodents.   Once, he caught a chicken and ate it all by himself, his friends think that was a great deed and want to hear about it, but all Carl will talk about is his tail.

Olga is an olm.   Olms live very deep in caves in rivers in Europe.   Because they never see the light of day, they have very little pigment.   They are pale pink, with red external gills.   Olga’s eyes are hidden under thick skin, she has no need for them.   She is lazy, even for an olm.   Olms spend most their time hiding under stones in cold water.   Olga likes being very stil, listening for vibrations, and quickly grabbing a bite to eat, usually a very tiny fish.   She does come up for a gulp of air every once in a while, but not often. She is very prettyfor an olm, but it doesn’t matter, she can’t see and neither can her mate.

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