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This is Ronald.   Ronald is a fish owl.   Fish owls have adapted well to catching fish, they have featherless legs and long talons.   Their beak is more like that of an eagle.   Ronald’s favorite meal is shrimp, he can catch them by wading in shallow water.   Ronald is a disheveled fish owl, his mother is always trying to straighten his feathers.   Then again, I have never seen a sheveled fish owl.

Amy is a proboscis monkey.   Do not make fun of her nose, she is very sensitive.   She is very adept at swimming, but even more enjoys leaping from tree to tree.   Amy is very acrobatic.   Amy is smiling because she has a new boyfriend.   The old boyfriend was too much of a show-off.

This is   Ferdinand.   Like all distichodus, Ferdinand is a vegetarian.   He lives in an aquarium, where his owner can not keep aquarium plants alive.   Ferdinand eats every last one.   Fortunately, Ferdinand was born in captivity, so he has no idea he should be swimming in the great Zaire river, he thinks his little heated aquarium is the entire world.   Ferdinand is not very intelligent, he never bothers to wonder where the plants come from or what is beyond the glass.   I think he would like a mate, though, or at least a friend.   I hope his owner gets him one soon.

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