In 1890, on July 29th, Vincent Van Gogh died.     He had shot himself two days before, and died of the wound.   His casket was covered in sunflowers.

His body of work is remarkable, and he did it all in 37 years.   Astounding.

Bug paths

 Mark helped his dad cut up an old log, and under the bark bugs had been feasting.   I took some pictures because I love the was it looks, like the little critters are trying to communicate with us through writing or drawing.

Steampunk atc's

OK, I don’t think I really made these very steampunk at all.   They are made of thin balsa wood, in an attempt to give them a Victorian explorer look.   Incidentally, they are not posted backwards, the backwards writing and stamping is intentional.

Where I stood..

On the street!   Today is Bumpers, Bikes and Blues in Old Village, right down the street from me!   There with be classic cars, motorcycles, and lots of music, come on by!

It will be a perfect finish to the weekend, and what a weekend it’s been so far!   Friday night I met up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in over 35 years.   I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to thank you for the drinks, Red.   Thank you.

Then I went to the opening at the Two Twelve Art Center, where I’ve got a couple of pieces.   The best part of that was seeing Deb’s work all displayed upstairs, it is wonderful.   Deb is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet and an avid gardener and a proud grandmother.   Underneath all that is this amazing ball of talent, and the show at Two Twelve really showcases her work.   If you get a chance, go see it.

Saturday started with a visit to our local farmer’s market, where I met up with the strange Lynn and equally strange Cathy.   Then back home to work on the apartment upstairs.   There’s a lot to be done up there, but a visit from Tony convinced us to blow it off and go to the Concert of Colors, and boy am I glad we did!

We filled the minivan with music loving folks and drove down to the Max M. Fisher Music Center, and first off ate amazing Indian food.   Then ran into Orchestra Hall to see Yo La Tengo do an incredible show, a beautiful place to see some mind blowing music.   After that was Don Was’ Detroit Super Session, and was it Super.   From acts I hadn’t seen in ages (Remember The Layabouts?)     to acts I’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance.   I love “96 Tears,” and knew Question Mark was a Michigan boy, but I’d never had the chance to see him until last night.   Resplendent in orange ruffles, the flamboyant Question Mark rocked that hall like you wouldn’t believe.   The “house” band for most the show included Terry Thunder on drums, Luis Resto on keyboard, and Was on bass.   I got to see Scott Morgan and Powertrain again, and yes, he did “Respect.”   Thornetta explained to us in song why she sings the blues, though I refuse to believe anyone asks the question.   Sir Mac Rice, in a red suit and red hair, gave us “Mustang Sally”, and with help from Thornetta a moving version of “Respect Yourself.” There was so much more that I can’t include, but the night ended with (step into the way-back machine, Sherman, and set the date for Grande Ballroom) Teegarden and Van Winkle getting everyone back on stage and the entire audience singing “God, Love and Rock and Roll!”   What a great night!

Today is going to be a blast at the car festival, come on by if you can!