Where I stood..

In way too big brewers boots!   These boots were made for brewin’…..

My friend Jim the brewer asked if I’d be interested in painting his boots, you knew my answer.     I painted hops growing on a ladder for the wonderful beer that will be made.

The skulls and snakes are voodoo to ward off bad batches of pale ale and stout.     The gold star shapes are the shadows of pentagrams to help with the witchcraft that is brewing.

There’s even gold in the tread to send energy up from the feet!   Excellent beer will be brewed in these boots!

They’re done, Jim, come anytime and pick them up!

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  1. I’m speechless. THANK YOU so much, I LOVE them!
    Knowing the spiritual side of your work should make wearing them even more fun. I owe you a pint or 10! See you soon.

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