Big Head Todd the cat update!!

I just took Big Head Todd the cat to my vet, and we lucked out!!   He had a chip in his neck!   He lives in Dearborn Heights, quite a distance for a cat, and he’s just been reported missing.   The vet couldn’t reach anyone by phone, but she’s sure she will and is keeping Big Head until his owners can come.   And don’t worry, Lynn, Big Head’s real name is Boots.

Does your pet have a chip in his or her neck?

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  1. No – my cat has a chip on her shoulder. I suppose she should have one in her neck too. I’m glad Big Head Todd is going home.

  2. Oh that is good news! I’ve thought about the chip thing but Dooley is such a wimp its unlikely he would go with anyone. He got out of the yard once and ran to the neighbor’s patio and hid under a chair until she discovered him. Not so much the thrill seeker, he is.

    I’m glad for Boots, I’m sure his mommy and daddy will be happy to have him back. And you’re a good kitty guardian angel for helping him. 🙂

  3. Hi Leanne, I’m Jim Ehlers friend (from facebook). Cool blog, I will have to come back and check it out more when I get some time.
    Sandy Kunz

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