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This little guy is an Alpine Marmot.   He, of course, lives in the Alpine mountains.   He lives in a large colony, on a sunny slope.   He has a wife, and they have a deep burrow where they plan to raise their young.   What is interesting about Oswold the Alpine Marmot and all those like him?   He and his friends   sleep away about half their life.   He goes into a deep hibernation for the winter, with one or two breaths every five minutes, and two or three heartbeats a minute.   But now it’s spring, and he romps and plays on the Alpine slopes.

Say hello to Josephine, the European Agama, aka starred lizard.   She likes deserts, turning bright colors, eating insects, and long walks in the park.   She has excellent vision, and can make her colors brighter to ward off intruders.   At night, she turns a dull brown, better to hide in the crannies.   Josephine tends to be quarrelsome, but no more than any other Agama.   Her husband has seven other wives, why he wants that much consternation in his life I can’t imagine.

This is Thornton, the thornback ray.   Instead of a bony skeleton, his is cartilaginous.   Look it up, I’m too lazy.   He likes to stretch out and sleep on the sandy bottom, he’s not a big fan of swimming in open water, though he is very good at it and looks quite beautiful while swimming.   Thornton eats lobsters and other fish, and though he has good eyesight, he does a better job finding them through his excellent sense of smell.   Thornton would enjoy lobster more if he could find an underwater source for drawn butter.

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  1. Oswold and guys and gals like him drive my black and tan wiener dog, Hasty Herman, absolutely nuts when we RV to the high country…he can hear them through the closed doors of the RV…Oiy!

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