North Carolina

Mark and I got back from North Carolina last night.   The entire trip was pretty much like this:

Lots and lots and lots of rain.   We went to Charlotte for an antique radio swap meet.   It takes place at the wonderful Airport Sheraton, with the fluffiest bed in which I have ever slept.   We hit this swap meet every year, it’s a great meet run by wonderful folks.   The swap meet has always been in the parking lot, but they couldn’t do it there with all the rain.   The hotel really worked at making everyone comfortable and let us hold it inside, in a series of meeting rooms.   I didn’t think it was going to work out at all, but it went amazingly smoothly and we did quite well despite the economy and the weather. We went out Friday night to their NoDa district, an absolutely lovely place to hang out and have dinner.   Getting there and back is always a challenge, after thirteen years we’re finally starting to figure the layout of the city.   That, and we have a nearly life-sized map that I keep folding and unfolding all over the front seat of the minivan.

What I really love about this trip every year is stopping off in Asheville for a day.   Asheville is the coolest town.   We ate at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant called The Laughing Seed, amazing food.   I did lots of shopping in there many groovy hippie stores, and checked out Woolworth Walk, an old Woolworth’s that has been recycled into an art gallery.   Later Mark and I went to the Jack of the Wood and checked out Trainwreks, a very fun rockin’, bluesy, honky-tonk band.   We had a great time despite all the rain, but I am glad to be home with my cats.

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