A mighty wind

Well, more than a mighty wind, an actual tornado.   Oddly comforting to know that.   We made pretty quick work of the clean up, we only had one house that was hit pretty bad with large tree branches.   Our tenant James got out his chain saw, everyone pitched in, and it got cleaned up real fast!

I took my walk in Hines Park this morning, I have never seen it as flooded as it is right now.   The river is raging and there’s water everywhere, seems so strange when it’s been so dry this summer.   We are at nature’s mercy, and I haven’t heard any complaining.   We all recognize how lucky we’ve been.

Where I stood..

It was an interesting night last night.   It rained all day, and the power flickered once.   Well, when our power flickered, a major wind hit about five blocks north of us, north of the railroad tracks, and did major damage.   It would not have effected us at all, except of course we own a couple of houses up there.   It was just enough wind to make sure you don’t wonder what you’re doing Sunday.   You’re getting out the chain saw.   Mind you, I’m not complaining, I have a television, I know what Mother Nature can do.   I know this is merely a gentle reminder.   We remember.   We, and our neighbors, have some work to do.

I stand in front of a crack in the sidewalk, across the street from one of our properties.

A tree came down, taking out part of the sidewalk.

Scott’s shed didn’t fair well.

Another neighbor’s huge tree came down.

In case it didn’t already feel like a war zone, this guy kept circling above the area this morning.

A sign of the times.

We own this one, there’s some work to be done.   Our property is the only one with yellow police tape blocking it off, not a good sign.


At least that’s what I’m calling it.   I had forgotten all about bouja until I was back in Minnesota.   Mom was directing us around town to check out the old sights (which was a little difficult between changes over the last 30 years, me and mom’s lack of knowledge of right and left, and the fact that she was sitting in the back seat, but we got around) when we came upon the church.   Jane immediately said “Isn’t that where we got bouja?”.   It was.   I hadn’t thought about bouja in years.   It’s a polish soup that you find in central Minnesota, churches found bouja a good way to raise money and to feed multitudes.   I tried to make a vegetarian version, which is absurd, because although it is basically vegetable soup, most recipes start with three hens and eight pounds of beef.   My bouja has pretend ham, pretend beef, everything that looked good at the farmer’s market, and a bunch of stuff from the grocery, and pickling mix because I couldn’t find pickling spices.   I’m not saying it tastes like the bouja of my youth, but it is reminiscent, and I like it.It reminds me of Minnesota.   But I’m not going to try for bologna Thursdays, that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Prayer flags

OK, now I can tell you why I died the linen fabric the other day.   Every time I see Tibetan Prayer Flags I think to myself that I’d like to try to make my own version.   In order to force myself to take the time to do it, I offered to demonstrate it at the artists’ trading cards meeting.   This, of course, meant I had to do it.   I wanted solid color cotton, but I didn’t have any very nice cotton, so I used linen I already had.   Things usually work out for the best, the linen came out very pretty and worked quite well.   Everyone had a good time.

I said “prayer flags” but Kat heard “Halloween decorations”

Deb, contemplating a rubber stamp.

Stephanie sewing her flags to twine.

Steph’s flags

You know these are Kat’s hands, because they are working on two projects at once!

It gets quiet when you give everyone supplies.

Just when I’m thinking how great it is to have such a group of creative artists all working together, Jane remarks that kindergarten is wasted on the young.

We also made some out of paper, too.

A little more dallying…

I read my tea leaves this morning and I saw a saxophone with a bird flying out of the bell.   I take this to mean I should be sure to listen to lots of music while I work today.   I also decided it meant you want a couple of more pictures of Dally in the Alley, so I’ll show you a couple Greg took.   One of me and Leslyn, and one of the alley at dusk.   Greg is really good with a camera.

It’s time for my morning walk, see ya later!