Where I stood..

This wonderful snake graffiti lives outside the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Yesterday was the Shadow Art Fair, where many, including Jill, sold there wares. It is a wonderful place for an art fair, a very affordable fair at that, and wonderful beer, especially their Espresso Love Breakfast Stout. Truly an amazing brew, what I refer to as an “oooo” beer, one that makes me go “oooo”.

Thursday I managed to drag my sainted mother around quite a bit of Ann Arbor to check out more art fair wares. We saw such amazing things, so many artists who truly put their hearts and souls in their work. We did not die of heatstroke, we took our time and drank water, and we had a blast!

Today, the Old Village Car Show, it will be another great time!

Oh, and thanks, Lynn, for the photo of my feets, since I’m not bright enough to remember my camera!

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