Where I stood..

In front of a persistent weed. Not one of those nice dandelions that sends up a yellow blossom to let you know where it is. But one of those awful prickly weeds, that you find when you’re barefoot. Ouch. And yet, so intricate, how beautiful.

Where I Stand Sunday is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places Lynn Krawczyk spends her life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. If you’d like to join her by posting a photo on Sunday of places you’ve been on your blog/photo hosting site/website, leave a comment on her Sunday posts telling her where she can find you/your photo and she’ll add a link to her sidebar so others can find you. I am one of those that Lynn has badgered into joining her, I have changed it to “where I stood”, because right now I’m sitting in front of the computer, not standing anywhere

Two of the best

Two of the best are gone.

My dad had a great collection of Eddy Arnold records, and played them most every chance he could. I grew up listening to that smooth voice singing “Cattle Call”, “Anytime”, “Slowpoke”, and many others. Arnold wasn’t into flashy clothes and twangy sounds, he was a country gentleman with a great voice, one that was silenced on May 8th, just short of his 90th birthday.

Robert Rauschenberg was an amazing collage artist/sculptor, a major player in the Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art movements. His worked in many ways, including found objects, printmaking, papermaking, photography, and performance art. Rauschenberg broke through preconceived notions of art, he left us May 12th, at the age of 82.

I rejoice that we had both these men on the planet so long, and they have both left us so much to enjoy.

A walk in the woods

Today I took a walk in the woods to clear my head.

I met a family of Canada geese.

The woods are green

and brown,

and full of roots.

On the way home I came across my husband Mark,

and his buddy Tony,

planting trees.

Why did my head need clearing? Because we went to the Majestic and saw X last night. The Detroit Cobras opened. It was a great night, a great show, and people kept buying me beer. Lovely beer, Guinness, to be precise. So, I’m a little foggy today. Although not too bad, X must realize their demographic is getting older, the show was over by midnight. Isn’t that when they’re suppose to start?

Beauty shop..

Of all the people you know, I would be the last person you think of when the word “beautician” is thrown around. None the less, today I died Chelsea’s hair. Blue, of course. Chelsea is a tenant who was ready to make her hair a wild color when I happened along, weeding the lawn. She asked if I would help, of course, I think everyone should have blue hair. That’s Chelsea’s daughter, a sweetheart and very good child, looking on in amazement.


Life. Life in a small town. I never thought of myself as a small town kind of girl, but I do enjoy Plymouth. I love walking to the library, the bank, the post office, and now that it’s spring, the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. The farmer’s market just opened today, mostly plants and flowers now, but some fruits and vegetables, and bread. It’s cool this morning, but sunny, and if the wind doesn’t pick up any more, the sellers will have a very nice day. Visit a farmer’s market as soon as you can, it will brighten your day, and make your eyes and tummy happy.

Weeds, and a blog to read

I know I’ve written about them recently, but I’ve been pulling a lot of them lately, this is what they look like. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky enough not to know what dandelions look like. I carved this image from a drawing I did of an actual dandelion I pulled from my front lawn. I’ve been going from yard to yard, chasing the little yellow blossoms, and ripping them out by the roots with my handy poking tool. Then I try to remember to get back to that yard in the next few days, so that as the new blossoms appear on the green plants that hid in the lawn, I can pull those out, too. It’s a race, I’m trying to get to them before that pretty white puffy stage, and so far I’m mostly winning, but it’s early yet. Ultimately, I lose every year, and I’m sure I will this year. But I’ve made a good start.

In other news, perhaps you’ve noticed a new blog mentioned on the blogroll to the right of this post. The amazing and extremely cute Kari, who set me up with this blog, is not only a techno-geek, but also an extremely creative crocheter. She’s relaunched her blog, YarnHacker. If you get a chance, check it out.

Blue hair

I saw a segment on Sunday Morning about Rita Rudner, and they showed her first appearance on Johnny Carson. She said “I have brown hair and blues eyes and my grandmother has blue hair and brown eyes.” I don’t see the humor in that, having blue hair and brown eyes myself. I think it’s a lovely combination.

Yesterday I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo at my friend Tony’s house, and Mark called and asked if I wouldn’t bring a tree home. Tony and Mark bought several small trees last year to plant around old village, and some of them didn’t get planted. Some of those unplanted trees actually survived the winter, and are budding. Mark wanted me to bring one home to plant. Mark hasn’t planted that tree yet. I don’t think he intends on it. I think he doesn’t think I look weird enough walking the neighborhood with bright blue hair, he wants me walking the neighborhood with bright blue hair, cradling a tree in my arms.

Here I am, mowing around the neighborhood, in my bright blue hair. It gives the neighbors something to talk about.