Remembering Daisy

The Daisy Air Rifle building in Plymouth was torn down to build new condominiums. I find it ironic that, like many others, they’ve named the complex (Daisy Square) after what they’ve torn down. One wall, a beautiful facade of the building, was saved to be incorporated into the condo complex. The builder was allowed to demolish because he agreed to save the facade. Now he claims the facade is too deteriorated to save, and wants to demolish it. I am aghast that this might be allowed. If the wall has deteriorated, it’s due to the negligence of the builder, Joseph Freed and Associates. Freed promised to keep the facade, and he should be held to his promise. There are two things you can do. One is sign a petition asking the City Commission to hold Freed to his promise, see me, I have a petition. The other is to show up at the hearing on June 11 in City Hall at 7:00 and let your voice be heard. We’ve lost so many buildings in Plymouth, most recently the Masonic Temple. The Wilcox house is falling into disrepair, the Guenther house’s fate is uncertain, let’s try to keep what we have. These structures are what make Plymouth unique, soon our town will look like every other suburban town with the same streetscapes, town clocks, condos and chain restaurants. We do have people working to keep Plymouth historic, you can find out about them here.

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