A new watercolor, and bunnies.

The tree of knowledge.

These are baby bunnies that are living in the dog pen behind our new house. The dog pen is dog free, of course. I won’t name them, in fact I’ve been referring to them as feeder rabbits, because mama rabbit has left them out in the open with no protection, where any neighborhood cat can come along. There are nine of them, (the second from the right is so buried in bunnies his head is hidden), but that one at the bottom, whose face is looking up, he didn’t make it. I hope the best for the baby bunnies, they are growing incredibly fast, and hopefully will be hopping out of harm’s way soon.

0 thoughts on “A new watercolor, and bunnies.”

  1. There are baby foxes near us. They’re also really cute but I’m glad they a long ways away from your bunnies.

  2. Ahhhh, they are soooo darn cute! You have to wonder about some mothers. What are they thinking? We have had an population explosion, as well. It’s a hard cruel world for baby animals.
    Like your painting, too!

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