2009 Date Book

I’ve wanted to show this to you for some time, but I had to wait until now. I made three of these, one for myself, one for my sister Jane, and one for Julia. I had to wait until after Julia’s birthday, so she wouldn’t find out what she’s getting before she got it.

This is the cover, it’s got little beads on the binding, and a ribbon with a bead to mark your spot.

This is the first page, I stamped each person’s name in their book.

Here are a couple of random pages to give you a feel of the book. I carved all the stamps in it, including a lot of teeny weeny squares to decorate the sides of the pages. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!

0 thoughts on “2009 Date Book”

  1. I bind my own sketchbooks but never thought about a date book/calendar book. Great idea, I just might have to make a couple of these myself.

    I was lucky enough to received one of you fab spring post cards. Love your sense of humor and carving.


  2. i insist that you make an etsy shop as soon as possible. really.

    and i also insist that you participate in my art sale that is yet to be named (any ideas?) that will occur during art in the park. art on the stark? hahaha.

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