Working dogs.

Slave Driver.


OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Mark and I have been working our butts off at the new house. We spent most of today cleaning the deck, that’s what Mark is working on in the top photo. When darkness falls, we move inside. I’m cleaning tape goop off the window sash in this photo. As I write this, Mark is still over there rewiring some electric. I’m too tired to stand right now.

All while the previous owner worked on the house, he let nails fall into the cracks in the deck. Mark is displaying the wonderful stash of rusty nails we kept pulling from between the deck board. This was taken while we still had energy and were happy. Now I’m tired and crabby and going to bed, despite the two loads of laundry I still need to finish, and I suspect Mark is getting tired and crabby right now, too. Good night.

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