Ahhh, yesterday

I have to tell you how much fun I had yesterday. I had several friends over for lunch, My best bud and always helpful Julia (thanks, J., for not mentioning that the table cloth needed ironing), artist extraordinaire Joan, my friend from junior high Roseanne, and Angela, whose 14 year old son is learning about old radios from Mark (and anyone else who will teach him). As usual, I made far too much food. I always panic that someone won’t be able to eat what I make, so I tend to make a variety. Yesterday I made many appetizers, including spinach balls, mushroom mini-quiches, sun dried tomato and cheese quesadillas, warmed brie cheese with apples, lentil soup, and there were going to be deviled eggs, but I forgot to serve them. Joan made the mistake of wondering out loud what she was going to serve for dinner as she was leaving, so she got handed a tub of deviled eggs. Mark and I will be living on leftovers for a while. It was a lot of fun sitting around shooting the breeze. As always, if Roseanne and Julia are in the same room the conversation quickly turns political. There was lots of discussion of sons, too, as between these four women there is not a daughter among them.

Besides all the good food and conversation, there’s another reason I like to have company. It forces Mark and I to do some serious clean up, and boy did this house need it. I’m sure it will be back to normal in no time, but for this moment you can find the dining room table, and I do enjoy that.

Then last night we went to the Penn theater. They were showing “A Hard Day’s Night“, how could I stay away? Admittedly, I do have the movie on dvd, but to see it again in a theater, how wonderful! And I’m proud to say I managed to stop myself from repeating the dialog and singing the songs along with the movie. I saw “A Hard Day’s Night” in ’64 when it first came out at the theater, and it was almost as crowded this time as it was that time. Let’s see, I was turning nine that year, and so in love with Paul. That changed with Wings and “Band on the Run”, that’s when I realized George was the real catch. It was wonderful watching the four young lads run wild, they were so full of energy and having so much fun. I so thoroughly enjoyed the film. Mark has an old issue of Mojo magazine that tells all about the making of the movie. There is one really depressing fact in this article. Very depressing. You remember Paul’s grandfather? Surely you remember, he was very clean. Many of us in America, or at least me, believed it really was his grandfather, but he was really a famous British comic actor named Wilfred Brambell. Ok, this is the depressing part. Are you ready? When Wilfrid Brambell was making “A Hard Day’s Night” he was, ya sure your ready? It’s really depressing. He was 52 years old. Yep, 52. The same age I am now. I’m old enough to be Paul’s grandfather. Eeek!

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Today, I’ll be wandering the streets of Plymouth with a snow shovel in my hand. It’s snowing like a flubbernut out there. Or something like that.

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