Torch with a Twist

Mark and I went to Cliff Bell’s in Detroit Sunday to check out Torch with a Twist, an old style vaudeville variety show. And in the tradition of vaudeville, the acts range from wonderful to awful, but they always manage to maintain a level of bizarre. It’s a great chance to see strippers, belly dancers, snakes, dogs, cute girls with feathers on their butt, and an endless variety of odd things. Our hostess Grace graces us with song and keeps the night moving, even when everything wants to stop. If you are looking for polish and refinement, go someplace else. But if you favor a night of cheap entertainment and keep an open mind, you will find a good time. With luck, you will get to see Fleck love his glass balls into defying gravity. He is amazing, and this video doesn’t do his act justice. I do recommend the show, even with it’s many flaws, or maybe because of it’s many flaws. Check it out.

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