Why I do what I do

Quite some time ago my friend Missy tagged me to write five things about myself. I thought about it a long time, but I had just written the ever so self indulgent 100 things about me, and I couldn’t come up with five more. I came up with one, and I thought I’d share it with you. I was reminded of it when my friend Pattie emailed me about my watercolors. The thing I want to talk about is why I do the various media I do. It’s not because I have a feeling for it, I have many friends who, say, work in clay because it calls to them, they feel connected to the earth, work in fabric because of it’s history with women’s work, etc. But not me, I chose the media I work in by convenience and who I can talk to who’s working in it. When I first went to the College for Creative Studies I was planning on majoring in jewelry, but the jewelry classes were in the dark, dank basement and the instructors didn’t get along, I felt like you had to pick whether you were on Mike’s side or Buffy’s side, and the weaving department was upstairs, bright, above the glass furnaces so the floor was always warm, and I liked Susan, the instructor. So there I stayed. Now I am working again in fabric, not because I found my muse there, but because Joan and Lynn work in fabric, and they are an incredible amount of inspiration for me. I so wanted to be apart of the group of artists Lynn and Jill organized that I would work in whatever media they did.

As far as the watercolors go, my sister took a trip to Europe many years ago, and brought me back a small watercolor set for traveling. I bought myself watercolor paper postcards, and I would send her hand painted postcards when I traveled. It’s gotten kind of out of hand, and now I paint postcards all the time and send them to people. I don’t seem to get any better at it, I just enjoy painting them. People often tell me they’re good, and they are, if you don’t compare them to work an actual watercolor artist does. But that’s OK, they are meant to be funny, or entertaining, not earth shattering. They entertain me, and that’s enough. Speaking of which, here’s one now:

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  1. The feeling is mutual my friend. I’m so happy to have met you because I never fail to be inspired by the work you create. I think your watercolors are beautiful and I really appreciate them. 🙂

  2. Hi Leann!
    I love your postcards! I post them all in my office for inspiration. You are a huge inspiration to me! I never would have started carving stamps or woodcuts if it weren’t for you.

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