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Recently I’ve been on a major cooking binge. It has me a little worried, I’m not generally the Suzie Homemaker type. It started with the invitation to the Bloody Mary Party, I made a very lovely tapenade to bring. It was quite good, and got good reviews at least from those who like olives. Then I made a filling and healthy lentil soup. All the while there is a pork shoulder in the fridge.

These things always worry me, Mark can leave meat in the fridge for decades and then cook the green meat and eat it. I’m a little concerned that he’s going to kill himself. The pork had only been there a couple of days, but Mark was making no plans to cook it, so I decided I’d better. You should know that I’m a vegetarian. But Mark is not, and I don’t want him dying from tainted meat. I looked up recipes in cookbooks and found one for roast leg of pork, and another for lamb shoulder. Hmmmm…. I decided to do it my own way, and follow cooking instructions for the pork leg, or poor piggy leg as I would call it. As per the cookbook, I cut slashes into the fat on the roast, and then I made up my own rub. I used olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, (no, not parsley and sage), and basil. I ground it all up with a mortar and pestle, and smeared it on the poor dead aminal. Then I stuck it in the oven, and it cooked and cooked until the whole house smelled wonderful. Yeah, I have to admit the smell of cooking meat can make my mouth water. I pulled it out after four and a half hours, checked it’s temperature, and when it read 150 degrees I stuck it back in for another half hour. After the extra half hour I checked the temperature again, this time it was 175 degrees, (the cookbook said cook it until it reaches 170 in the center) so I pulled out the poor little critter and served him (or her) to Mark. I tasted a little bit, and I have to say it was wonderful. It made me regret being a vegetarian, something that rarely happens.

Well today I made lasagna, and it’s OK, nothing to write home about, so I think I’m done cooking for a little while.

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