Happy New Year!

Well, I had a great time last night. First, we went to Slow’s bar-b-que in Detroit, where I had the Hoppin’ Jack, and Mark had the half chicken and half ribs. As wonderful as the food was, and it was, the beer was even better. I had a Dark Horse Black Bier that was quite complex and amazing. It was bitter and malty sweet at the same time. They have wonderful food (check out their mac and cheese), and a terrific beer list. The bar-b-que makes Mark happy and the beer makes me happy, that makes for two happy people. Then we went on to the Lager House, a bar by Tiger Stadium that a friend of ours just acquired. We rung in the New Year with the Howling Diablos. They tore the joint up! Funky, funky way to bring in 2008!

Unfortunately, 2008 is not starting out very well at all. Usually when tenant stuff goes wrong, it’s on a holiday. I feel so bad for them when something happens like the heat goes out, we try to get everything working as soon as possible. But I really hate it when it happens at our house. The sewers backed up last night as I was trying to get some laundry done, I can’t use the water, and I don’t know when someone can come out and fix it. I have a washer full of wet laundry right now. And, of course, other issues. And then the snow. We wake up to about eight inches of it. And my throat is sore. And my wrist hurt, even before I started shoveling. Not at all the way I wanted to start the new year. I was hoping for a nice walk along Eddy Hines Parkway, not a lot of lifting of heavy, sticky white stuff that won’t come off my shovel when I try to fling it off. But alas, this is how it started, we will all cope, and when the sewer gets snaked out I will promise the waste gods that I will never take sewers for granted again, and I will of course take sewers for granted again within the next few days.

On a happier note, I will leave you with pictures of the voodoo alter I make in the bathroom for the party every year. You will have to be content with those, I was having way too much fun at my party to remember to take pictures.