Quelle surprise? Skull surprise!

I just carved this guy, I think he makes a pretty good repeat. Might need to add stars or something in the empty spaces.

Mark has a big radio swap meet to go to Saturday, so I need to help him get the van loaded. It’s at the Costick Center in Farmington Hills. We want to do most of it tonight before this dreaded snow starts. I am not looking forward to all the shoveling, but we’ll manage.

0 thoughts on “Quelle surprise? Skull surprise!”

  1. Sometimes I eat popcorn while staring at carved skull
    head stamps. I’m simple like that. I’m glad you carved
    them, otherwise I’d have nothing to stare at while eating
    my popcorn.

  2. How did you get them so perfectly spaced? I have a hard time achieving that when I stamp. It’s so perfect! You should stamp it on cloth, definitely! Like gold or copper on black!

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