Botany quilt update

I got another idea for a botany quilt over the weekend. Instead of starting it, though, I decided I’d better get a little further along on the one I already have going. Here is a small peek at how it’s coming:

I had shown you pictures of it when I first started it here. The bad news is when I sat down on the floor to work on it, I put the heel of my hand on the blade of my xacto-knife and put a pretty good gash in my hand. The good news is I got to use one of the cool band-aids my sister got me for Christmas.


It’s already healing so I don’t need a band-aid anymore. After all those years of picture framing, my skin knows how to heal from cuts pretty fast.

Mark is still having real issues with his back, he was in bed all day yesterday, but by last night he thought things might be improving. I sure hope so, it’s making both of us crabby. And the cat too, she’s still barfing occasionally. If everyone would get back to normal and the weather would get a little warmer…..

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