Backs, cats, watercolors, and rubber stamps

Things are not good here at our household. Mark is in terrible pain, his back has been awful the past two days. He doesn’t sleep at all at night. He slept a little yesterday morning, and I think he is sleeping now, but he may just be laying quietly. He’s not a snorer (as opposed to me) so it’s hard to tell. I am hoping the massage Ann gave him yesterday will help work out the muscle issues. We need to get him in physical therapy soon.

Harmony the cat did not have a good night, either. She spent the night barfing, usually in our bed. If either of us was able to drift off, we woke to the acking sounds of one cat barfing. She was hungry this morning so I fed her. She’s now thrown that up, too. She seems fine, just wants to barf. Maybe she’s trying to keep her girlish figure. I’m keeping an eye on both of them, I would really like things to return to normal, with just occasional back pain and cat barfing.

I made a few more pentagram watercolors:

I’ve also carved a couple of rubber stamps:

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