Day 'O' Dead Craft Day!

Yesterday I had some friends over to make crafts celebrating dia de los muertos. I made sugar skulls and paper mache skulls for decorating, and we had wine and Irish cream for drinking, and I even managed to make day of the dead bread, I am very proud of the fat guy. He was shaped like a skeleton before I baked him. I was dancing around the house after the dough rose the first time, I am famous for killing yeast, so I am delighted to know I can bake bread again. The last few attempts turned into small hard black rocks.

Here’s the guy, all ready to be eaten. Which we did.

Pre-decorated skulls

Post-decorated skulls



Joan’s skeletal hand

Lynn with her Venus lino cut. Lynn had never made a linoleum cut before, so it was particularly obnoxious to see how good her first two were. To check them out see her blog entry here. I used to like Lynn, but now I hate her. The nerve, doing such amazing prints first time, when Julia and I have done lots of linoleum prints and never got anything so cool. If she begs me (or at least makes me prints from the blocks), I might forgive her.

The day was a blast, and I’d like to thank my friends for coming over and making it so.

More Pictures from the DIA

Where I stood…..

One of the medalions in the floor of the great hall, mom has the tan shoe, Julia, black with pink laces, Jane, black, and me with the piano shoe.

The front of my beloved museum

1620 cabinet with “pietre dure” panels (inlaid stone)

Fra Angelico “Annunciatory Angel” 1450-1455

Maurice Denis “La Depeche do Toulouse” 1892

James McNeill Whistler “The Falling Rocket” 1874

Jane and I would have loved this piece even if it wasn’t a container for chocolate, in the American Indian display.

Welcome Back, DIA!

So far it’s been a great weekend. Friday night Mark and I went to the Trinity House and saw Peter Case. Peter was in a very bluesy mood, and the Trinity House is a wonderful, small venue in an old church, complete with a graveyard. I love seeing music there, and Peter Case was great.

Last night our friend Greg dragged us out to Robustos on the east side to see his friend Pricilla Price sing the blues. She was backed by the Delta Five. The woman’s got pipes, and she really showed them off . Her second set was amazing, I loved her cover of “Fever”. Pricilla is getting married soon, after dating the same man for 21 years, and she was happy as can be. She told us she’s going to sing “At Last” at her wedding, how do I get an invitation? Whenever Greg gives you a music recommendation, take it, he is never worng!

The highlight of the weekend was something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. The Detroit Art Institute is finally reopening, and I went to the members preview with Julia, Jane, Don and mom yesterday. WOW! Seeing a lot of the artwork is like reconnecting with old friends. The place is huge, fresh, and beautiful! I took some pictures, and bought some postcards, I’ll share a few with you today and more tomorrow.

The great hall, full of sparkle!

Rodin’s the Thinker is back where he belongs.

A fuzzy Jane and Leann in front of a fuzzy Rothko, probably my favorite piece in the Institute.

Probably Jane’s favorite piece, “Composition for Clarinets and Tin Horn” by Ben Shahn. This is tempera, so it isn’t on display very often, it was wonderful to see it again.

Of course, we get to visit the Diego Rivera frescoes again.

Christmas Dress

I was bemoaning the fact that I need a new dress to wear to my Christmas party, and it’s going to be tough to top last year’s dress. Several people who hadn’t been to last year’s party didn’t see the dress, and asked if I would post a picture. That’s me with Mary. Oh, hell, maybe I’ll just sew a bunch of bows on it and wear it again.

Ghost Parade

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I should be thinking about what to bring for dinner, and how to keep everyone happy, but instead I’m thinking about the day before Thanksgiving, the day of the Ghost Parade. My sister named it the Ghost Parade years ago when she and her husband happened upon all the floats for the Thanksgiving Day Parade lined up on Woodward the night before. If possible, Mark and I try to get downtown to look at them, up close and personal. Last year we met Greg Baise downtown, and saw the Detroit Cobras at the Magic Stick. The Cobras, as always, were fabulous, and Greg got some great pictures. You can always count on Greg for photographs.

Rachel and Mary of the Cobras

One of the floats, no, I don’t understand why the cloud is looking up the lady’s dress.

Mark and me, just hanging out.

I see the Cobras are at the Magic Stick on the 21st, I may have to make this an annual event!


Yes, boys and girls, Leann had a blast! Seven women in one house, visiting cute little shops, looking at art, comparing life notes, eating, playing games, and, oh yes, a little bit of drinking now and then.

We had the top floor of this place, very spacious and quite wonderful. We had a fire both days, and when the cd player didn’t work, the owner ran out and got us a new one!

Turtle sculptures we passed on the way into town.

Someone with a sense of humor outside a motel.

Some of the sculpture around town.

Ann and Shirley relaxing.

Kristie taking it easy.

Shelly, very relaxed.

Stephanie has picked up an addiction to 7-layer bars.

Leslyn relaxing with a bite to eat.

Perhaps part of the reason we’re so relaxed.

No one minded my putting their pictures on the blog, as long as I included one of myself. So here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed.