City of the Big Shoulders, Hog Butcher of the World

That’s the way Carl Sandburg saw Chicago, I saw it slightly differently. City of art. City of music. City of stuff going on, everywhere!

First, we drive across Michigan, past Michigan City, Indiana, to a commuter train station at Beverly Shores. The trains run about every two hours, with sleet and snow we have cut the timing very close, amazingly close. We arrive at the station two minutes late, the train is five minutes late, we make it! Then an easy trip into Chicago, where we eat lunch at Miller’s Pub, a classic. You can tell by all the photos of old celebrities in the place. The proprietor with George Burns, the proprietor with Milton Berle, you get the idea.

Me at Miller’s Pub

Then onto Millennium Park. Us in front of the big screen, and lots of pictures of the big shiny bean.

I love the big shiny bean!

We meet up with our friends, Todd and Deb, whom I was too stupid to get a picture of. We all go out to the House Of Blues to see Joanna Conner, and got our fill of Blues.

Me at the House of blues-always makes me want to redecorate my house!

Our friends let us crash one night in their very swanky hotel. The next day Mark and I stop by a little museum called Luma where we see a wonderful show called “The Art of the Creche”, rooms filled with nativity scenes from all over the world, beautiful! We find Wicker Park, a funky part of town, where I went bead shopping at Beadnik.

Lets see, how many skull beads can I afford?

Walking back from Wicker Park, Mark shot these images of a flat building beautifully painted. Even the bay windows are tromp l’oeil.

Then a little window shopping at Water Tower Place, where everything is decorated and shiny!

Then we head back, where again we just make the train, not quite as dramatic as the first time. We stop at the Shoreline Brewery for some wonderful suds and grub, and back home to the waiting cats. Great way to continue celebrating my birthday!

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