100 Things About Me (last installment)

  1. I think I’m funny.
  2. My husband fixes antique radios. I will schlep things, I will hold things, I will go to swap meets, I will deliver things, but I will not learn how to change capacitors.
  3. I am left-handed. Very left-handed. When I row a boat, it goes in a circle. I am also left-eyed, left-footed, and left-eared.
  4. I’m also left-wing, mostly.
  5. Mark and I restore old houses, hence the landlord business. I like the houses better when they are wrecked than when they are all clean and shiny.
  6. I am a fan of graffiti.
  7. Whenever I get a newspaper, I read the funnies first. I thought when I grew up that would change. It didn’t.
  8. My two favorite blogs are post secret and wooster collective.
  9. I am not a fan of symmetry. I have three earrings in my right ear and one in my left ear.
  10. I still have big trouble remembering which is right and which is left. When a friend of mine showed her son that the left hand forms an “L” with the thumb and forefinger when held out, it helped me a lot.
  11. I like old things. I attribute this to Mark, who taught me to like old things. Good thing, ‘cuz we’re both old things now.
  12. I am married to a drummer. He keeps trying to teach me to keep a beat. Sometimes I can.
  13. I snore. I’m not proud of this, but Mark will tell you anyway, so I might as well tell you and get it over with.
  14. It is hard for me to pick a favorite artist, there are so many I love. Louise Nevelson, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Paul Cezanne, Morris Louis, but Marc Rothko pretty much eeks them all out.
  15. I am usually too cold, but recently that has changed for short periods of time.
  16. I love lapsang souchong tea. Yes, I know it smells like tar. It’s good.
  17. I pick up shiny things, and rusty things on my walks. Maybe my totem is a possum.
  18. I was married on Halloween. At the Majestic Theater. You should have been there.
  19. I do not like bananas. I do not like the way they taste or smell.
  20. I was born in Minnesota. I moved to Michigan when I was one.
  21. I still have the fringy leather jacket my mother bought at Scott Coulburn’s and gave me for Christmas when I was 15.
  22. I buy most my clothes at Salvation Army. I told you I was cheap.
  23. A couple of years ago I rode my bike all the way from Plymouth to Northville, and back. That was huge for me. I am very proud.
  24. I’d rather eat out than in.
  25. I never thought I could get through 100 things, I got stuck on #2.

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