100 Things About Me (second installment)

  1. I am a beer drinker, the darker, the maltier, the better.
  2. I love to travel, and I love to stay with friends and family when I do. I have a not-so-serious plan to get 26 friends to put me up two weeks a year so I don’t need a house.
  3. I love olives.
  4. I like hanging out in cemeteries.
  5. Not surprisingly, I’m a little death-obsessed.
  6. I rather enjoy funerals.
  7. I like my hair best when it’s dyed strange colors. I kind of like being stared at.
  8. I carve rubber stamps from erasers. It’s possibly my favorite thing to do.
  9. Every year, I make three wall calendars, one for my mother, one for my sister Jane, and one for me.
  10. I prefer man made structures to nature. I loved seeing Stonehenge, and I want to see the pyramids of Egypt, I liked the Grand Canyon, but it doesn’t impress me like the works of man.
  11. I can sleep 10 hours a night. I’m good at it. I can sleep anywhere, even in a bar with a band.
  12. I am married to a man who only needs 5 or 6 hours of sleep, and often doesn’t come to bed until 4 or 5 am.
  13. I’m very bad at, and consequently don’t like, team sports.
  14. Like most women, I have a love affair with shoes. Unlike most women, the shoes I love are Converse High Tops, and I rarely wear a matching pair.
  15. I always make my own Christmas cards. Partly to show off, and partly because I’m cheap.
  16. I’m cheap.
  17. I wear contact lenses, and need reading glasses. Without help, I would be completely blind. Being both near sighted and far sighted sounds like you should be able to see everything, but you can see nothing.
  18. I’m bad with plants, fortunately Mark is good with them. I figure they know where the water is, they can go get it if they are thirsty. I’m glad Mark is good with them, I do love having them around.
  19. I do not regret my decision not to have children. I thought I might, but it turns out I don’t.
  20. I worked retail for 25 years, as a picture framer. I miss nothing about it.
  21. I was very good at it.
  22. I don’t drink soda pop. I have never liked it, not even as a child. It tastes yucky to me.
  23. I liked beer from the day I was born.
  24. I am very messy. I live in chaos. I enjoy chaos.
  25. I cannot remember numbers. I could never even remember how much I made. Never ask me how much a gallon of milk should cost, I will not know.

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  1. How do you know you liked beer from the day you were born? Do you have a photo of you in a baby blanket just after you came out holding a beer bottle?? Sounds creepy to me…


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