Possible Botany Quilt

I made a botany quilt for one of the art groups to which I belong, and it looks like we will eventually have a show. The problem? We’ll all have to make several to fill the space. I’ve started thinking about the next one, and even working on something that, who knows, might turn into something. (If it does, it will be a long road!) Remembering that my friend Joan was telling me about covering fabric with cement, I decided to mix some media. I quickly put together a patchy ugly small art quilt. Then I brought in a bunch of leaves and laid them on the quilt. I then went down into our very creepy basement and found the spackling paste, added paint, and squeegeed the spackling paste over the quilt and leaves. A Borders reward card works well as a squeegee. Then I discarded the leaves. It’s pretty much a mess right now, but it’s a mess I kind of like, and I’m leaving it around to see if it will talk to me.

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