My husband Mark used to play drums for a band called Nightshift about 30 years ago. In the past couple of years the band has reconnected. Last year in October they got together with two other bands from the era, the three bands shared some personnel, and they had a big party/jam session at one of the guy’s house. This year they decided to do it up big and have it at Karl’s Cabin on Gotfredson road in Plymouth. It turned into a huge party, and I think possibly everyone who went to high school in Livonia in the early to mid 70’s was there.

It took tons of organizing on the part of the bands and their friends, but they pulled it off! The place was packed, an absolute zoo, and Karl’s set a personal best for most dinners served in one night. The day started with a phone call letting Mark know that the sound guy bailed. Mark, a former sound guy himself, got on the phone and called everyone he knew or ever heard of, and managed to find a guy who didn’t have a gig Saturday night. Mark went over to Karl’s in the afternoon, said he was coming home to get me, but never made it. Instead, he called needing a certain plug, oh, and no one printed the flyers, could I go back and make those, but it did all come together.

The music of the 70’s isn’t always my favorite, but they did do a lovely version of the Beatles’ “I saw her standing there”, which made me very happy. I was also delighted that so many of our friends showed up. My good buddy Greg Baise was there with his camera, and got some shots. Here are a couple. That’s my sweetie on the drums, I think when all was said and done he was pretty happy up there on the stage!

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