BMC factory

This is the BMC factory in Plymouth. It has been (obviously) vacant for many years, and used as graffiti canvas. It is beyond vast on the inside, much larger than you would imagine when looking at the front of the building. Absolutely beautiful, cathedral-like when you get inside, but undoubtedly it was a terrible place to have worked. They will start tearing it down this weekend. I’m glad I got a good look at it before it’s gone!

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  1. This is cool, I wonder how I’d never seen these pics before! I’d googled this place at least a million times! I used to explore here, but didn’t start until after they tore into it :/

    do you have any more photos? I’d love to see them!!

  2. Also, as an FYI, my dad used to work here, back in the 70’s. Said it was horrible, boss wouldn’t allow bathroom or water breaks. He only worked there for a very short time before he quit.

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