A sixth sense

There are five senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.  At least those are our senses.  What about animals, perhaps some of them have more senses.  Sixth, seventh and eighth senses.

The unicorn tapestries celebrate the five senses, I thought perhaps they could celebrate a sixth sense, that is the inspiration behind this postcard for my sister.unicorn and anntenea


Another postcard for a friend who had a particularly tough winter.survivor

Where I stood on Easter Sunday

tile leaf feetEaster, a lovely day for a walk in the woods.  Hey, these woods have a tile floor!

floorSomething was here before.

Mark moves a treeMark decides to do a little clean up and move a tree out of the way.

Mark and treeNo problem for Mark.

Another Detroit Bus Tour

busMark and I took another Detroit Bus Tour this week!

Soldiers' and Sailors' monumentslady with shieldWe looked at monuments,

detail from Masonic Temple little guy from Masonic Templechecked out some architecture,

Pingree statuetalked about mayors,

Navin fieldand watched some of a pick-up game at the former Tiger Stadium.  (I still can’t believe the whole stadium fit in this field!)

Z deckWe parked in Z deck, with all its art.

Mark and busWe even got to stop at a bar for a drink, a good Sunday afternoon.

Cosmic cat

Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos:cosmic cat birthday

Where I stood, checking out the cairns in Ann Arbor

cairn feet Ann Arbor cairn 1 Ann Arbor cairn 2 Ann Arbor cairn 3


Today I’ve been carving little square stamps from erasers and playing with repeat designs.

playing with repeat stamps

A birthday greeting

happy birthday from Pye

FestiFools, part 2

Here are a few more photographs from Sunday’s FestiFools in Ann Arbor.
festifool 07 festifool 08 festifool 09 festifool 10 festifool 11 festifool 12 festifool 13

Where I stood, with the fools

festifeetHere I am, standing on the curb on Main Street in Ann Arbor.  Why?  It’s FestiFools!  What wonderful fools I saw!

festifool 01 festifool 02 festifool 03 festifool 04 festifool 05 festifool 06 tired gorl

This little girl felt it was just too much!

Supporting shelves

I’ve been fighting with a problem in my kitchen.  Our over-sized window sill is so laden with plants and thing that it slopes away from the wall, throwing everything I keep on the sill onto the counter.  Today I decided to give the windowsill some support.

shelf support 1 shelf support 2