Blue cat

Things are so wrong with this blog, it is making understand the impermanence of everything.  So many pictures gone, links broken, I’ve tried to fix a few but I haven’t the history saved anyplace else.  I think I may have to leave it behind and start fresh someplace else.  Meanwhile, here is a blue cat.

Las Vegas

What astounds me about the mass shooting in Las Vegas is how little it astounds me.  Mass shootings are common place.  I believe the blood is on this congress’s hands.  All the killings, and still they cannot pass a single tiny bit of legislation to limit gun violence.  Anything would help.  I don’t know, nor care, exactly what should be done.  It seems to me tighter background checks would be a no-brainer.  I don’t see a place for semi-automatic weapons.  Something has to be done.  I know the killings will continue, I know laws won’t stop them.  I know our society is gun based, and most gun owners are responsible.  I also know laws  would go a long way to limit gun violence.  Laws will save lives.  I don’t understand why responsible gun owners would be against stronger background checks.

Thoughts and prayers don’t stop violence.  What god is this that would rather sit in heaven and listen to your prayers?  God gave you brains and muscles, I can’t imagine s/he prefers prayer to action.

I tend to write letters instead of calling or emailing congress people.  So I’ve sent the congressmen and women who vote against stronger legislation each a postcard.  It is your move, congress.  The blood is on your hands. 

Our trip out east

Every year we head out to Kutztown, PA, to sell radio parts, then to New Jersey to visit Mark’s sister, then to NYC to visit Tim.  This year was especially exciting, as our transmission went out.  We did manage to limp to a Chambersburg Automatic Transmission in Pennsylvania, where they rebuild the transmission while we rented a U-Haul van and carried on.  The Kutztown show


Trying to make rocks ring




Stuff in Tim’s apartment


John Lennon memorial


On the streets of New York


Back to Chambersburg, to pick up the van with a working transmission