Three watercolors

beer rings verizon truck fall leaves

Where I stood, puzzling

puzzle feet

I need order in my life. I wish I needed order in my house, I wish I put things away, I wish I organized things, including my thoughts, but my need for order is completely fulfilled by putting numbers into puzzle boxes in the Sunday paper. After that, I have no need for order and enjoy the chaos of my life. Puzzling.

sleeping kitty


A rare sight.  I think Tempo is Quantum, she seems to be everywhere at once. You remember the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? I play it with Tempo, except it is Kitten, Paper. Newspaper covers Kitten, Kitten shreds Newspaper. Kitten always wins.

Where I stood, at Artprize!

Yesterday Jane, mom and I managed to see some of Artprize in Grand Rapids. What a lovely day, full of wonderful things to see!

artprize feet jane and mom mom dragon ford museum

mostly kitten

cocoa treesTempo goes where she wantstempo on the rocksTempo wants the moon on a stickTempo in a teapot

Tempo is growing!

reclining Tempo

Such a sweet kitty!

interested Tempo

What a beautiful kitty!

evil Tempo

What a….What have I invited into my house!!

Where I stood, enjoying October

The leaves are falling, there is a chill in the air. The neighborhood red maples and sugar maples are showing their color, it is a beautiful sight.

orange leafy feet

The leaves are swirling everywhere. Life is rich this time of year, fresh food, crisp air, cider and donuts. Life is good.


The light celebration dlectricity was this past weekend. It is a wonderful time wandering through all the lights in Midwtown, Detroit. Here are some of my very favorites from the festival.

delectricity a delectricity b

This was my favorite of the evening.  It is OMO TRIP by the mieDAsie Group. It was a pile of forgotten stuff, trash, with projections that fit the piece in various ways.  Alive and changing, this piece fascinated me.

delectricity c

MechanoShards by Apetechnology, robotic light shards dance with each other.

delectricity d

Someone twirling a lighted hoop, what fun.

delectricity e

Wonderful huge projections on both the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Public Library (P.O.V. by Mindfield) overwhelmed Woodward.

delectricity g

The Erudition by Kelly Richardson on the Michigan Science Center walls gave us an eerie landscape to enjoy.

delectricity h

My second favorite, these wonderful lit knitted plastic bag columns were so much fun to walk around.  Called Thank you, Thank you, Thank you by Julie Hinzmann and Shawn Saharko, these plastic bags can hold light and ideas as well as groceries.


Bikes with lights!  We didn’t get to see the bike parade, but there were still plenty of lighted bikes driving around. A truly beautiful evening!

Where I stood, in NYC


Where we found a beautiful garden

Bellevuefox and fishplate warrelaxingarbor

Out East, 2014, part 2

me and Tim at Morbid Anatomy

Tim and me at Morbid Anatomy, a very cool death-obsessed museum in Brooklyn.


A crucifix that has seen better days

mouse ride

A scary mouse ride

graffitimuralArt about town