Happy Halloween!


I made this guy a while back, but I thought I’d wait until now to show him to you.

The Old Village Halloween Block Party!

jim the hunchback

There was a hunchback,

karen ice queen

An ice queen,

little cow

A very small cow,


A fierce tiger,


a cute chick,


a cat in a backpack,


and a skunk.

the pope blesses a pumpkin

The Pope came to bless the pumpkins,

swiss guard

The Swiss Guard was there to protect the Pope,

mother theresa and mom

and Mother Theresa came along with her mom (who also made the Pope and Swiss Guard costumes.)

Where I stood, in anticipation…

For our annual Halloween Block Party!  It’s today, from noon to 4, on Liberty Street in Old Village!  C’mon by!

pumpkin feet 001

The van is full of pumpkins waiting to be unloaded.  They’ll be games and a bounce house and a kiddie train, everything you could want for a fun filled day.  Grab your costume and meet me on the street!

pumpkin feet 002

A couple of birthdays and a thank you

cake with friends party party party wine thank you

Three watercolors

beer rings verizon truck fall leaves

Where I stood, puzzling

puzzle feet

I need order in my life. I wish I needed order in my house, I wish I put things away, I wish I organized things, including my thoughts, but my need for order is completely fulfilled by putting numbers into puzzle boxes in the Sunday paper. After that, I have no need for order and enjoy the chaos of my life. Puzzling.

sleeping kitty


A rare sight.  I think Tempo is Quantum, she seems to be everywhere at once. You remember the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? I play it with Tempo, except it is Kitten, Paper. Newspaper covers Kitten, Kitten shreds Newspaper. Kitten always wins.

Where I stood, at Artprize!

Yesterday Jane, mom and I managed to see some of Artprize in Grand Rapids. What a lovely day, full of wonderful things to see!

artprize feet jane and mom mom dragon ford museum

mostly kitten

cocoa treesTempo goes where she wantstempo on the rocksTempo wants the moon on a stickTempo in a teapot

Tempo is growing!

reclining Tempo

Such a sweet kitty!

interested Tempo

What a beautiful kitty!

evil Tempo

What a….What have I invited into my house!!