Where I stood, mourning my plants

dead plant feetEvery fall we put our outdoor potted plants in the unheated sun room, and most of them make it through the winter.  This year, the protection of the walls wasn’t enough, too many below zero temps have killed off most of them.  Usually I can keep the geraniums over the winter, but this spring we’ll buy new.  I’m looking forward to spring.  Meanwhile, here’s two cats that are too tired to fight.too tired to fight

A day of decadence

mardi gras indian copyToday is fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, paczki day, and carnival.  The day before lent begins is a day to clean out all the bad-for-you things in your cupboard and eat them before lent starts.  The day to celebrate, to indulge, to enjoy.  So take a few minutes today and indulge!