A lovely weekend

Mark and I have been insanely busy with rental units.  Lots of folks moving this summer, we’ve had good weather and the grass keeps growing, roofs have been replaced, and we can’t seem to catch our breath!  This past weekend, however, we did manage to have some fun.

tiger gameWe cheered the Tigers as they beat the Seattle Mariners Saturday night, and even got to watch the fireworks show.

Elks blues festWe caught Thornetta Davis singing the blues at the Plymouth Elks Blues Festival.  It was a wonderful way to see the blues, under a shady canopy of trees, relaxing in lawn chairs.

sunset canoesThen we hung out by the lake, watching a few friends play some music.  A lovely weekend, but now it’s back to work!


Where I Stood, visiting a black and white cat

feet and Rover scratching Rover

Circle snake

three circle snake

A few watercolor postcards for this week

what fun angel kitty cake underwater star flower

Prairie dogs

I forget to post these little guys.  I did them a while ago for a challenge.  We had glued down torn paper, then colored on the paper, and rearranged, not giving thought to composition.  Then we were to interpret the collage in fabric.  Mine came out pretty ugly, so I did the logical thing and added prairie dogs.

prairie dogs

Where I stood, among the shoes

We took a walk in the park and visited the shoe tree.shoe tree feet shoe tree hanging shoes

We also visited a dead treedead tree

and a flower hotel for bugsgreen bug in flower worm on flower yellow bug in flower

Felting with Scissors

Last night at our art group Running With Scissors, Jan took us on a felt journey!  Jan is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher, and I am delighted to learn anything from her.Anne's fluffy fleeceFirst we laid out fluffy fleece in a cross pattern, then we added wonderful bits of yarn and fabric and things.  This is Anne’s beautiful landscapy design, laid out on bubble wrap.  Another great use for bubble wrap, making felt.

Anne adds soapy waterAnne added hot soapy water and worked the fleece until it shrunk and bonded.

Julie rolling feltAs the felt starts to bond, you  can get rougher with it, here Julie starts rolling it back and forth between two sheets of bubble wrap.

becoming feltThis is partway through the process, becoming a beautiful Kandinsky-esque abstract felt.

Jan expounds on the wonders of feltThis is the master (mistress?  I guess not.) of felt, Jan, expounding on the wonders of making your own.

birthing marblesJoan had added marbles to her felt to add some texture, here Jan demonstrates how to birth the marbles (pop them out) so you are left with small, interesting caverns in your felt.

finished feltThis finished piece has lovely bits of velvet trapped in the felt.  Everyone was making such beautiful things!  Thank you, Jan, for taking us on the felt journey!

Where I stood, at the Concourse d’Elegance


car crank feetToday was the Concourse d’Elegance at St. John’s, what a wonderful day!  We even made it home before the rain!c d'e 1 c d'e 2 c d'e 3 c d'e 4 c d'e 5 c d'e 6 c d'e 7 c d'e 8

Bumpers, Bikes and Bands!

Sunday we had our annual car and motorcycle show, Bumpers, Bikes and Bands.  We had a very successful silent auction, lots of cars, lots of motorcycles, music, and pin-up girls.  You shoulda been there!bbb1 bbb2 bbb3 bbb4 bbb5

Where I stood, ready to party!

It is finally here, Bumpers Bikes and Bands!  C’mon out to Old Village, 11-3, and see old cars, old folks, and great music. bbb feet I’ve been making signs for all the important spots.  Check it out!