Where I didn’t stand

love your feetInstead, I rested.  Happy feet.

A new shed!

We’ve had an old metal shed at one of our houses that no longer worked as a shed.  It was sinking into the ground and getting holes in the roof, and the doors didn’t close.  We have finally replaced it, but that involved leveling the ground where the old shed lived, one of the reasons it was sinking was because critters had made tunnels under it.20141211_131507First there was a lot of shoveling of gravel to level the ground. Then, hours later, this finally appeared:20141211_170837Mark says it looks like I did all the work ‘cuz he took the photos, but really my job was to hold things in place while he put them together.  And yes, he did the vast majority of the shoveling, but I helped.

Where I stood, getting ready for the season

light feetYes, Christmas is hurdling upon us at an ungodly speed! I think we’d better get the lights on the house before it’s time to take them down. I’d better start addressing those Christmas cards, too, or it will all be for naught.

Krampus day!

Today is the day Krampus comes to take all the bad children away. Have you been good?krampus 1 krampus 2 krampus 3 krampus 4 krampus 5 krampus 6

Where I stood, being thankful

cat box feetMy cats are thankful for boxes and cat toys. I am thankful for in-laws who don’t mind having a vegetarian roast their Thanksgiving turkey. Here’s hoping you had a good holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving

turkey 1 turkey 2 turkey 3 turkey 4

Where I stood, contemplating

001Well, there is certainly a cold snap in the air. Today is warmer, but we’ve had snow and it’s time to start working inside. That means going through boxes of stuff so we can figure out what it is, do we want it, and can it be sold. Time to buckle down and get looking at stuff.

A voodoo box for a friend

I’ve sent a friend this little box of items to help her along the way.

dolls, heart, box two dolls cloth, bones candle, bone

Changes in Tempo

Tempo the kitten is getting less and less kittenish. The bigger she gets, the more this house feels full of cats. There is cat presence everywhere, I am rarely in a room without a cat. They are everything from a gentle reminder of another life form sleeping in the corner to a major annoyance when I’m trying to get something done, but mostly it is absolutely delightful to have a cat or kitten nearby.

20141120_035808Tempo and Rhythm, taking a nap together

Tempo eats sauceDear Tempo eats everything, here she is eating somewhat spice spaghetti sauce. She hasn’t been sick a day in her short life yet, so I don’t worry to much if she gets a little people food.

Where I stood, admiring the addition

construction feetWe’ve had an addition put on, not to our house, but to our garage.  More space for more stuff!garage addition 1 garage addition 2 garage addition 3Pretty nice, huh? I think a set of stairs might be in order.