Where I stood, at the Concourse d’Elegance


car crank feetToday was the Concourse d’Elegance at St. John’s, what a wonderful day!  We even made it home before the rain!c d'e 1 c d'e 2 c d'e 3 c d'e 4 c d'e 5 c d'e 6 c d'e 7 c d'e 8

Bumpers, Bikes and Bands!

Sunday we had our annual car and motorcycle show, Bumpers, Bikes and Bands.  We had a very successful silent auction, lots of cars, lots of motorcycles, music, and pin-up girls.  You shoulda been there!bbb1 bbb2 bbb3 bbb4 bbb5

Where I stood, ready to party!

It is finally here, Bumpers Bikes and Bands!  C’mon out to Old Village, 11-3, and see old cars, old folks, and great music. bbb feet I’ve been making signs for all the important spots.  Check it out!

A Plymouth walk

ducksYesterday I discovered a mother taking her kids out for a swim.

echinaceaThere were pretty Echinacea flowers.

flagThe American Flag was flapping above a monument.

queen ann's laceQueen Anne’s Lace was playing with the chicory.

turtleA turtle warmed herself on a nice smooth boulder.

Two postcards

marshmallow toasting birthday turtle

Where I stood, in Lansing

At our vintage electronics swapmeet!feet-tubes tube master conehead Dick stuff pink

Like a circle around the sun

Did you guys see the sun halo last week?  The ice crystals around the sun made a big circle!sun circle

Trees of life, part 2

tree of life a tree of life b tree of life c tree of life d tree of life e

Trees of life, part 1

tree of life f tree of life g tree of life h tree of life i tree of life j

Where I stood, doing a lot of work

Mark and I have been swamped with landlord stuff, I haven’t even had time to photograph my feet.  So I’m showing some parade feet from the Fourth!parade feet 1 parade feet 2 parade feet 3

I did remember to look up occasionally…plane